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Colocation and Coordination: The Key to 5G Implementation

As the world prepares for the transition to #5G, carriers face many challenges including #5Ginfrastructure implementation. Recently, the Wall Street Journal published an article outlining these challenges...

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‘Smart City’ under construction in Osceola County

The Smart future is under construction in Osceola County, FL. InfraSite’s unique underground infrastructure helps Smart Cities bring carriers and citizens together to build a better quality...

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Infrasite Infrastructure

InfraSite: Application Agnostic

InfraSite® technology leverages a unique hydraulically raised equipment rack and underground enclosure design to house and connect communication technologies to an endless variety of above ground...

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InfraSite ConnectX

Cooperation is Key at Connect(X) 2019

Our team at InfraSite recently attended Connect(X), a ground-breaking event drawing an amazing group of educators, investors, start-ups, Fortune 500’s, public entities and more — all...

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AGL Reports: InfraSite makes mini-macros cool again

AGL Reports: New Company Aims to Make Mini-macros Cool Again

For years, Kevin Aycock has headed up Dynamic Towers and Dynamic Construction Services of America, developing construction and designing leasing strategies and racking up 1,500 collocations,...

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Solving the Network Capacity Challenge

Wonder why your call drops or you don’t have reception in areas where you might assume you would be covered?  InfraSite outlines the challenges of providing...

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How 5G Will Change Your Smartphone, and Your Life in 2019

5G will change how we interact with each other, business, government and more.  Will cities be ready to build capacity for it?  Where will all the...

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Smart Cells & Small Cells: Innovation Can Be Beautiful

It has to be beautiful. Visual pollution is increasingly problematic for local communities (including our partners in South Florida) and resolving this issue was key to...

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InfraSite 3D Video

Watch as InfraSite’s patented wireless infrastructure solution moves seamlessly from above to below ground, illustrating the convenience, security and possibilities of this innovative medium cell hybrid...

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InfraSite, Out of Sight: Nearly Invisible Cell Towers

Imagine invisible cell towers.  It’s possible with InfraSite.  We move wireless equipment underground and out of sight.  Watch this video and see for yourself the difference...

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Medium Cell Hybrid Moves Out of the Right-of-Way and into the Parking Lot

Expanding wireless capacity can be a complex undertaking, particularly in highly dense areas. With NIMBY concerns abounding and limited right-of-way access, new innovations in wireless infrastructure...

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News From Mobile World Congress 2018

Tech Crunch is at the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona and has an article highlighting the need for a new mindset for 5G Internet Rules....

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GWS Mobile Video Test Signals Future Data Usage Needs

Global Wireless recently published a GWS mobile video streaming test highlighting a few things 1) AT&T is best overall, 2) Sprint lagged the group and 3)...

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Everything You Need to Know About 5G

Head over to IEEE Spectrum for an excellent 5G 101 video and a dive into the players in the race to innovate for 5G. Explore millimeter...

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