Wireless Infrastructure

InfraSite: Application Agnostic

Infrasite Infrastructure

InfraSite® technology leverages a unique hydraulically raised equipment rack and underground enclosure design to house and connect communication technologies to an endless variety of above ground distributing elements such as: – Utility Pole / Light Pole – Small Cell – Smart Kiosk – Totem / Mini-Macro – Solar Tree Watch the video to see a…

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InfraSite, Out of Sight: Nearly Invisible Cell Towers


Imagine invisible cell towers.  It’s possible with InfraSite.  We move wireless equipment underground and out of sight.  Watch this video and see for yourself the difference between traditional wireless infrastructure and our next generation solution to NIMBY, right-of-way issues, vandalism, equipment damage and more.  Going underground opens up possibilities.

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News From Mobile World Congress 2018


Tech Crunch is at the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona and has an article highlighting the need for a new mindset for 5G Internet Rules. With the right incentives, industry players will up the investment in 5G.

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