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Cooperation is Key at Connect(X) 2019

InfraSite ConnectX

Our team at InfraSite recently attended Connect(X), a ground-breaking event drawing an amazing group of educators, investors, start-ups, Fortune 500’s, public entities and more — all engaged and invested in innovative network technology, underlying infrastructure, and the partner ecosystem driving the future of communications.  The possibilities of connectivity and technology were truly impressive, and we came away with several big ideas all connected by a common thread – working together.

“Connect(X) was an opportunity to meet and engage with leaders, innovators and decision makers in connectivity now and future.  We’re so grateful to our friends at WIA and WWLF for all their hard work in putting such an amazing event together. We felt right at home as we met the people, companies and challenges InfraSite underground infrastructure was designed to help.  It’s exciting to see how we can make the future possible for so many!”

– Kevin Aycock, CEO and Co-Founder, InfraSite

InfraSite Co-Founder & CEO, Kevin Aycock and InfraSite Co-Founder, Vitaliy Pereverzev
InfraSite Co-Founder & CEO, Kevin Aycock and InfraSite Co-Founder, Vitaliy Pereverzev

Cooperation is Key

We must work together across public and private boundaries to develop what is best for all.  Carriers, infrastructure developers, small cells, macro towers, energy, utilities, fiber, cities, and governments will need to determine the best ways to meet capacity demands as a team, especially with a 5G future.

Innovation as a Connector

Compromise and cooperation is important, and innovation will play a key role in closing existing gaps between entities. For example, cities and governments with NIMBY concerns can potentially be met with innovations such as InfraSite underground infrastructure, which quite literally makes the concerns disappear.

Colocation and Teaming

Colocation, the concept of network providers sharing a site, is quite common in many regions of the world, and could improve access if more widely adopted.  InfraSite’s infrastructure encourages colocation, making it easy, safe and secure to provide a site for multiple carriers on public or private land.

Public Private Partnership

As was evidenced by talks with City of Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey and City of Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, improved capacity and access to 5G will bring economic and social benefits to citizens, business and cities in Florida and across the country. Partnerships and cooperation amongst government at all levels: federal, state and local, with those invested in improved connectivity are increasing.  Government funding is on the rise, regulations are being examined and restructured, and the concept of smart cities is being embraced by municipalities large and small.  In the private sector, the race to address aesthetic, safety and logistical concerns of government leadership is well underway, opening the lines of communication for development of true solutions to challenges for both government and private concerns. InfraSite underground infrastructure leads the way by developing a solution that connects government and providers and meets both stakeholders’ needs.

For more insight into Connect(X) 2019, check out the Wireless Infrastructure Association’s Conference Wrap-Up.